Alberta Activity Index (Monthly)

The Alberta Activity Index (AAX) closely tracks economic activity. Developed by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, it is a weighted average of nine monthly indicators (employment, average weekly earnings, retail trade, wholesale trade, manufacturing, new truck sales, housing starts, rigs drilling and oil production). A data file is also included in Excel format. The information on this page is updated monthly.

Latest Alberta Activity Index (to August 2017)

Posted November 1, 2017

Highlights: Activity levels off

The Alberta Activity Index (AAX) was unchanged in August after losing 1.5% across June and July. Mixed results across the nine indicators balanced out. Employment, retail trade, manufacturing shipments, new truck sales and oil production posted gains, while earnings, housing starts, wholesale trade and rigs drilling posted declines. Year-over-year, the AAX was up 5.6% from last August’s depressed level and has recovered about two-thirds of recessionary losses.

Chart: Year-over-Year Change in the Alberta Activity Index and Real GDP - January 1997 to August 2017

Year-over-year change in the Alberta Activity Index and Real GDP

* 2016 is from real GDP by industry

Data Table

Excel format  Alberta Activity Index Data Table (MS Excel) - January 1981 to August 2017

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If you have any questions about the AAX, please contact: Kailer Mullet, Manager, Economic Analysis, at 780-427-7391.

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Page last updated:  November 3, 2017