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Alberta statistics are publicly available facts, summarized data about a subject, or other information, generally produced by a government body.

Some Alberta statistics are deemed "Official Statistics" where there are multiple available data sources and there is a lack of consensus or understanding about which source should be used. One data source is deemed "official" and this is the data source that should be used in most cases. Additional information is provided for these official statistics to inform potential users about which data source to use for specific purposes.

The OSI publishes both and Alberta Statistics and Official Statistics which can be found throughout this website. The large majority of the Official Statistics are stored on the Open Government Portal. For open data, there are no technical or legal restrictions for using the data.

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Alberta statistics and analysis developed by OSI

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Quality Standards for Alberta Official Statistics

The following document contains definitions; principles; certification and quality control; quality standards; and an overview of certification criteria.

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Page last updated:  October 17, 2017