Components of Population Change

Population change is a result of the relationship between births, deaths and migration.

  • Natural increase is the difference between the number of births and deaths.

  • Migration (net) is the difference between movements into a region and those out of a region. The type of migration depends on where people move from or to, as described below.

  • International migration (net) includes:
    • immigrants - permanent residents moving to Canada from other countries and landing in Alberta;
    • emigrants - people permanently leaving Canada;
    • non-permanent residents (net) - in and out movements of foreign students, workers and refugee claimants, and the families of each of these categories;
    • temporarily abroad (net) - movements of people who do not have a residence in Canada, but intend to return; and
    • returning migrants - former emigrants who have returned to Canada to live.

  • Interprovincial migration (net) is movement between the provinces and territories of Canada. This type of migration equals zero at the national level.

  • Intraprovincial migration (net) is movement within the province of Alberta, which equals zero at the provincial level.

Life Expectancy

Life expectancy is the average number of years of life left at a particular age, based on death rates for a given period. This is a hypothetical measure useful for tracking mortality trends in the population.

Alberta - Life Expectancy at:

Excel format  Age 0 (Birth)              Excel format  Age 65


Age specific fertility rates represent births per woman in a particular age group. The Total Fertility Rate is the average number of children a woman would have if her lifetime fertility was the same as the age specific fertility rates of a given year.

Alberta and Census Divisions

Excel format  Fertility Rates


Mobility refers to the movement of people in geographic space. This broad term encompasses everything from short-distance local moves (between neighbourhoods) to movement between Alberta and other countries.

Migration Components

Excel format  Alberta                  Excel format  Census Divisions

Excel format  Economic Regions

Components of Growth by Quarter are available here.

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