Economic Impact Analysis

Economic Multipliers

The multipliers reflect the structure of the Alberta economy and industry linkages that existed during the year of reference. These documents contain multipliers for “Open” (direct and indirect impacts) and “Closed” (direct, indirect and induced impacts) models specific to various industries and commodities.

Alberta Economic Multipliers 2013 (August 2017)

PDF format  Economic Multipliers 2013      Excel format  Data Tables

Alberta Economic Multipliers 2011
(May 2015)

PDF format  Economic Multipliers 2011      Excel format  Data Tables

Alberta Economic Multipliers 2010 (December 2014)

PDF format  Economic Multipliers 2010      Excel format  Data Tables

Alberta Economic Multipliers 2009 (December 2014)

PDF format  Economic Multipliers 2009      Excel format  Data Tables

Alberta Economic Multipliers 2008 (October 2012)

PDF format  Economic Multipliers 2008      Excel format  Data Tables

Custom Economic Impact Analysis

$900 and up (released May 2015)

The highly disaggregated Input-Output (I/O) model for 2011, which covers 235 industries and 481 commodities, can be customized to client specifications for the simulation of direct, indirect and induced economic impacts.

The model also has a tax module that provides impacts on federal, provincial and local tax revenues for all impact studies.

Runs using the Alberta I/O model are done on a cost-recovery basis. Cost is dependent on the complexity of the simulation(s).

For more information, or to request a custom analysis, please contact Afiba Nyamekye (780-427-8744).

For more information, please contact:

Micah Brown, Manager, Economic Statistics
Office of Statistics and Information
Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
8th floor, Federal Building
9820 - 107 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 1E7
Telephone: 780-427-8840
Fax: 780-426-3951
To be connected toll-free in Alberta, dial 310-0000.

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