Alberta Provincial Electoral Divisions - 2011 Profiles

Data Compiled from the 2011 Census of Canada and National Household Survey

Electoral Boundaries are defined by the Alberta Electoral Divisions Act, Chapter E-4.1, 2010. Provincial Electoral Divisions (PEDs) are territorial units represented by an elected Member to serve in the Alberta Provincial Legislative Assembly.

These profiles provide detailed demographic and socio-economic information for Alberta's Provincial Electoral Divisions. Data have been specifically tabulated from the 2011 Census of Canada and National Household Survey.

There is also an interactive map where you can view different characteristics of the population by PED.

Technical Notes and Definitions, and how to find your PED

Provincial Electoral Divisions - profiles, tables and maps

PDF format  Summary or Combined PED Profiles, Tables and Maps:

PDF format  Provincial Electoral Divisions - Individual Profiles:

    • PDF files (individual profiles for each of the 87 PEDs - each file includes a map on the last page)

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Provincial Electoral Divisions - data files

Excel format  Provincial Electoral Divisions - Data (CSV)

Excel format  Provincial Electoral Divisions - Data (Excel)

    • Excel files (Alberta, Calgary area, Edmonton area and individual files with selected data for each of the 87 PEDs)

PED Interactive MapPED interactive map



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