Unclaimed Property and Government of Alberta Obligations

About the Unclaimed Property Program

The Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act legislation deals with a process for the reporting of unclaimed property and its transfer to the government in trust  until the unclaimed property is claimed by the rightful owner.

Unclaimed personal property is personal property on which the owner has taken no action for some time and/or has not responded to the holder’s requests to express an interest in the asset in question.  Unclaimed property can include securities such as stocks and bonds, un-cashed cheques and other personal property.

A holder is an organization that holds personal property that belongs to someone else. For example, a company is a holder if a cheque they have written has never been cashed. In that case, the unclaimed personal property is money in the holder’s bank account. Legislation calls for this balance to be transferred to the Unclaimed Property Trust after the required time frame has passed.

Unclaimed Property also includes certain payment instruments issued by the Government of Alberta. These include:

  • Stale-dated and un-cashed cheques issued by the Alberta government that are older than two years;
  • Alberta Capital Bonds issued between 1987 and 1995; and
  • Alberta Savings Certificates issued in 1996 and 1997.

If you would like more information, or if you think you have a claim relating to one of these things, please visit the Unclaimed Property website: unclaimedproperty.alberta.ca. Alberta Treasury Board and Finance maintains an up-to-date online registry of unclaimed property that is searchable free of charge.

Contact Information

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
Tax and Revenue Administration – Unclaimed Property
9811 - 109 Street
Edmonton, AB  T5K 2L5
780-427-3044 (in Edmonton)
310-0000, then 427-3044 ( toll-free within Alberta)
Email: unclaimed.property@gov.ab.ca
Web:  unclaimedproperty.alberta.ca

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Page last updated:  June 9, 2016