Investor Relations - Presentations and Investor Resources

Participate in our investor meetings and presentations through our archived materials below, and access up to date economic and statistical information about the Province of Alberta.

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Investor Meeting Presentations - 2018

London, U.K. (June 2018)

2018 Government Finance Conference (June 2018)

Government Finance Conference (Apr-May 2018)

U.S. West Coast (April 2018)

U.S. Midwest (February 2018)

U.K. and Ireland (January 2018)

Investor Meeting Presentations - 2017

Vancouver (November 2017)

New York (September 2017)

Asia (September 2017)

BMO 2017 Western Canada Energy Infrastructure (September 2017)

West Coast, U.S. (June 2017)

Europe (June 2017)

Panama (June 2017)

East Coast, U.S. (May 2017)

2017 Government Finance Conference (May 2017)

Miami, U.S. (April 2017)

Dublin, UK (March 2017)

London, UK (February 2017)

Investor Meetings (January 2017)

Investor Meeting Presentations - 2016

Toronto (December 2016)

Investor Meetings (December 2016)

Asia (October 2016)

Investor Meetings (October 2016)

U.S. East Coast (September 2016)

Investor Meetings (September 2016)

International (May 2016)

U.S. and Mexico (April 2016)

Investor Fact Sheet

Investor Fact Sheet - June 21, 2018

Alberta's Economy and Statistics

The Province’s investor presentations are updated with relevant economic and statistical information at the time of posting.

However, updates are available on an ongoing basis related to Alberta's economy and statistics on a variety of subjects. This includes Economic Analysis, the most recent Quarterly Economic Outlook, and content from the Office of Statistics and Information.

See our Economy and Statistics page for current information. You may also subscribe to receive those publications by email.

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