Corporate Internal Audit Services

Corporate Internal Audit Services works cooperatively with executive management and staff in all government departments to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, economy and accountability of Government of Alberta programs.

The division provides independent, objective assurance and advisory services to assist management to meet business objectives by evaluating and making recommendations to improve the government’s risk management, control and governance processes.

Corporate Internal Audit Services serves all departments, and those agencies, boards and commissions that select the division as its internal auditor.


Corporate Internal Audit Services works with ministries to provide objective, risk-based assurance and advisory services regarding risk management, control and governance processes that add value and improve government operations, while maintaining independence as required by the standards of the Institute of Internal Auditors.

The mandate of Corporate Internal Audit Services is set out in the Corporate Internal Audit Services Charter approved by the Deputy Minister of Executive Council, Chair of the Internal Audit Committee.

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The Chief Internal Auditor reports functionally to the Internal Audit Committee and administratively to the Deputy Minister, Treasury Board and Finance.

The functional reporting line provides for the Chief Internal Auditor’s independence and authority through the Internal Audit Committee’s review of the Corporate Internal Audit Services Charter and audit plans. This reporting relationship provides for the Internal Audit Committee’s monitoring of the government’s risk management, control and governance systems through the work of Corporate Internal Audit Services.

The division is organized into two branches: Internal Audit Operations and Enterprise Audits and Professional Practice.

The Internal Audit Operations branch is responsible for the execution of the annual audit plan, internal audits and advisory projects, primarily department specific projects.

The Enterprise and Professional Practice branch is responsible for professional practice, including quality assurance reviews and undertakes internal audits and advisory projects, primarily cross-government and multi-ministry projects.

The two branches work closely together to achieve the division’s objectives.

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Employment Opportunities

Corporate Internal Audit Services employs:

    • qualified, experienced auditors,
    • professionals and business graduates with specialized experience who are willing to achieve a Certified Internal Auditor designation, and
    • students in the process of attaining their accounting designations.

To review current employment opportunities, visit the Government of Alberta Jobs Website.

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Page last updated:  August 23, 2017