Corporate Internal Audit Services

Other Types of Audits and Services

Operational Audits

Operational audits (also known as performance of value for money audits) deal with broad performance issues, focusing on whether public funds and resources have been economically, efficiently and effectively managed. In particular, operational audits examine and report on matters related to any or all of the following:

  • The adequacy of management systems, controls and practices, including those intended to control and safeguard assets, to ensure due regard to economy, efficiency and effectiveness;
  • The extent to which resources have been managed with due regard to economy and efficiency; and
  • The extent to which programs, operations or activities of an entity have been effective.

Operational auditing fulfills the demand for performance and accountability information that is not being provided by information on financial performance and on compliance with authorities. Operational auditing is based on two principles:

  1. Public business should be conducted in a way that makes the best possible use of public funds, and
  2. People who conduct public business should be accountable for the prudent and effective management of the resources entrusted to them.

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Informational System Reviews

Information system reviews include the following:

  • Reviews of existing or new information systems, before and after implementation, to ensure they are secure and meet the business needs;
  • Project management reviews, before or after implementation, to ensure controls are in place to mitigate project risks or to identify the strengths and improvements required for future projects;
  • Organizational or operational reviews to ensure the organization’s goals and objectives will be achieved; and
  • Specific technology reviews to ensure security and controls are in place.

Due to the complexity and required skill sets to perform some of these reviews, specialized contractors may be used to ensure high quality work is done.

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Investigative Assignments

Investigative assignments scrutinize allegations of wrongdoing or breaches of government standards of conduct. Allegations may be internal or external to government and may examine the records of individuals, organizations and firms with agreements between them and the Government of Alberta. To ensure the need for an audit is properly documented, complaints and concerns of the person making the audit request are recorded.

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Compliance Audits

A compliance audit is an audit of an organization’s compliance with laws, policies, standards or contracts that may apply.

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Page last updated:  August 23, 2017