What We Offer

Our employees are supported as they carry out their work.

At Treasury Board and Finance, our employees are supported as they carry out their work by access to a comprehensive benefits package, flexible work arrangements and opportunities for learning and career development.

Competitive Benefits Package

Employees of Treasury Board and Finance have access to a comprehensive benefits package which includes pension, health and dental insurance, prescription coverage, disability and life insurance plans.

Employees also have:

  • vacation entitlements starting at three weeks and increasing to six weeks,
  • access to Health Coaching services through the Employee and Family Assistance Program,
  • access to Canada Savings Bonds payroll savings program.

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Flexible Work Arrangements

Where operationally feasible, employees are able to access flexible work options such as compressed work week, job share and flexible work schedules to support work-life balance.

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Learning and Career Development

Continuous learning and career development are encouraged and supported to ensure our employees have the competencies and skills necessary to be effective in the workplace and to advance their careers.

Treasury Board and Finance supports the growth and development of employees by providing opportunities for skill development and career growth including on-the-job training, job rotations, secondments, financial support for employment related courses, conferences, workshops and seminars.

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Performance Management System

At Treasury Board and Finance there is a performance management system in place where employees and their supervisors engage in outlining performance goals for the year based on the current business plan. The performance goals then form the basis for supervisor feedback and self-assessment throughout the year.

As part of the performance management system, employees, in conjunction with their supervisor, create a learning and development plan for the year. The learning and development plan supports current and future needs of the organization as well as current and future goals of employees. It addresses enhancing current knowledge and skills, and developing knowledge and skills for the future, related to the current role or to career development goals.

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A Great View

In Edmonton, Treasury Board and Finance is located near the scenic legislature grounds. This location has the convenience of being close to downtown and the benefit of quick access to river valley walking trails.

Legislature grounds, Edmonton

Legislature Building, Edmonton

Treasury Board and Finance also has a small office that operates out of Calgary. The Calgary office is situated in the downtown core, close to great eating, convenient public transportation and some fantastic shopping.

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Page last updated:  March 7, 2017