Legislation administered by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance

Following are links to legislation and associated regulations administered by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance. The links will open in a separate window as text versions except where noted. The actual documents are stored on the Queen's Printer (QP) website. Please see information about the Queen's Printer and their copyright and disclaimer.

Regulations are consolidated up to the most recent amendments as soon as possible. The most recent amendment regulation which has been consolidated is noted at the top of each main regulation (where applicable). In some cases, specific amendment regulations are included for convenience.

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Legislation and Regulations

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Alberta Capital Finance Authority Act

    • 258/2006 - Alberta Capital Finance Authority Regulation
    • 15/2005 - Allotment of Shares Regulation

Alberta Corporate Tax Act

Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund Act

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) Act

Alberta Personal Income Tax Act

    • 34/2001 - Alberta Personal Income Tax Withholding Regulation

Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act

Alberta Stock Exchange Restructuring Act

Alberta Taxpayer Protection Act

Alberta Treasury Branches Act

    • 187/1997 - Alberta Treasury Branches Regulation

Appropriation Acts (for 2016-17):

Auditor General Act

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Civil Service Garnishee Act

Climate Leadership Act (shared responsbility with Agriculture and Forestry)

Credit Union Act

    • 250/1989 - Credit Union (Ministerial) Regulation
    • 249/1989 - Credit Union (Principal) Regulation

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Electric Utilities Act (Alberta Energy responsibility)

    • 235/2003 - City of Medicine Hat Payment in Lieu of Tax Regulation
    • 112/2003 - Payment in Lieu of Tax Regulation

Emergency 911 Act (Alberta Municipal Affairs responsibility)

Employment Pension Plans Act

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Farm Credit Stability Act

    • 340/1986 - Lending Institutions Regulation
    • 339/1986 - Farm Credit Stability Fund Regulation

Financial Administration Act

    • 19/2003 - University of Calgary and University Technologies International Exemption Regulation
    • 128/2002 - Funds and Agencies Exemption Regulation
    • 190/1997 - Treasury Branches Deposit Fund Exemption Regulation
    • 112/1997 - Canmore Undermining Indemnity Regulation
    • 235/1988 - Charging of Interest on Amounts Owing to the Crown Regulation
    • 22/1997 - Indemnity Authorization Regulation
    • 98/1978 - Revolving Fund Designation Regulation

Financial Consumers Act

    • 165/2002 - Financial Consumers Regulation

Fiscal Planning and Transparency Act

  • This act repealed and replaced the Fiscal Management Act.

Fuel Tax Act

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Gaming and Liquor Act

    • 143/1996 - Gaming and Liquor Regulation

Government Fees & Charges Review Act

Government Organization Act

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Horse Racing Alberta Act

Hospitals Act (Alberta Health / Alberta Infrastructure responsibility)

    • 89/2012 - Crown's Right of Recovery Regulation

Hotel Room Tax Act (repealed and replaced with the Tourism Levy Act)

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Income Trusts Liability Act

Insurance Act (effective July 1, 2014 - click here for more information).

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Loan & Trust Corporations Act

    • 172/1992 - Loan and Trust Corporations (Ministerial) Regulation
    • 171/1992 - Loan and Trust Corporations Regulation

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Members of the Legislative Assembly Pension Plan Act

    • 305/1969 - MLA Pension Adjustment Regulations
    • 320/1985 - MLA Pension Plan (Ministerial) Regulation
    • 319/1985 - MLA Pension Plan Regulation

Municipal Debentures Act

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Office of Statistics and Information Act

    • 145/2009 - Office of Statistics and Information Regulation

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Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act

Provincial Court Act; Court of Queen's Bench Act; Interpretation Act

    • 196/2001 - Provincial Judges and Masters in Chambers Registered and Unregistered Pension Plans Regulation

Public Sector Pension Plans Act

    • 366/1993 - Local Authorities Pension Plan Regulation
    • 367/1993 - Management Employees Pension Plan Regulation
    • 365/1993 - Public Sector Pension (Legislative Provisions) Regulation
    • 368/1993 - Public Service Pension Plan Regulation
    • 369/1993 - Special Forces Pension Plan Regulation
    • 370/1993 - Universities Academic Pension Plan Regulation

Public Service Act

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Reform of Agencies, Boards and Commissions Compensation Act

Results-Based Budgeting Act

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Savings Management Repeal Act

Securities Act

Securities Transfer Act

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Teachers' Pension Plans Act (shared responsibility with Education)

    • 204/1995 - Teachers' Pension Plans (Legislative Provisions) Regulation
    • 203/1995 - Teachers' and Private School Teachers' Pension Plans Regulation

Tobacco Tax Act

    • 90/2008 - Tobacco Tax (Ministerial) Regulation
    • 273/1983 - Tobacco Tax Regulation

Tourism Levy Act (Formerly Hotel Room Tax Act)

    • 102/2008 - Tourism Levy (Ministerial) Regulation
    • 398/1987 - Tourism Levy Regulation

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Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act

    • 104/2008 - Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property Act - General Regulation

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