Treasury Board and Finance Business Plans

The ministry's three-year business plan, which is published annually with the budget, encompasses the department and all consolidated entities in its outcomes, key strategies, and performance measures and indicators. Ministry business plans are aligned with the strategic direction of the Government of Alberta (see the current Government of Alberta Strategic Plan). The business plans are in PDF format, which can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

This list includes business plans for different ministries resulting from government reorganizations.

PDF format  These documents contain information licenced under the Open Government License – Alberta.

2017-20 Business Plan

2016-19 Business Plan

2015-18 Business Plan

2014-17 Business Plan

2013-16 Business Plan

2012-15 Business Plans

2011-14 Business Plans

2010-13 Business Plans

2009-12 Business Plans

2008-11 Business Plans

2007-10 Business Plans

2006-09 Business Plan

2005-08 Business Plan

2004-07 Business Plan

2003-06 Business Plan

2002-05 Business Plan

2001-04 Business Plan

2000-03 Business Plan

1999-02 Business Plan

1998-01 Business Plan

1997-00 Business Plan

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Page last updated:  August 4, 2017