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Insurance Dispute Resolution Process

There is a separate dispute resolution process for when you and your insurer cannot agree how to settle a claim – an overview and the basic steps are listed below:

  • If you have a dispute with your own insurer about the amount of the loss or the extent of repairs there is wording in each general insurance, automobile insurance and hail (crop loss) insurance contract that describes when or if you can use the dispute resolution process.  Ask your adjuster or insurer for a copy of the contract or the relevant section of the Insurance Act.
  • To begin, you need to file a proof of loss form with the adjuster or insurer and make a written request to start the dispute resolution process.

  • The next step is for both you and your insurer to each appoint someone to represent your interests. This person can’t be you or your employee. The same rule applies for your insurer. Both you and your insurer will be responsible for any costs for your representatives.

  • If the two representatives can’t agree on a solution, they will appoint someone to act as an umpire. You and your insurer will be responsible for half of the costs of the umpire.

  • If the two representatives can’t agree on an umpire, they can apply to the Superintendent of Insurance to select an umpire. See the document and application form below:
  • The umpire will issue a written decision based on a review of the opinions provided by the representatives.

For more information on the dispute resolution process, contact your claims adjuster or insurance company.


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Page last updated:  January 18, 2017