Wildfires and Insurance

If you are impacted by wildfires:

  • Contact your insurance company, agent or broker.

  • If you need help identifying who your insurance company is, contact the Insurance Bureau of Canada:
    • Call: IBC’s Consumer Information Line: 1-844-2ASKIBC (1-844-227-5422)
    • Contact IBC by email: - FortMacFire@ibc.ca

  • Keep any receipts for expenses incurred.

  • Most home and tenant's insurance policies provide coverage for additional living expenses if residents are required to leave their homes because of a mandatory evacuation order or if they are unable to return to their homes.

  • Your insurance company may reimburse you for reasonable expenses to cover food, lodging, and other necessities. It is important to keep receipts for expenses you have incurred.

  • Contact your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

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Property Insurance

Nearly all property insurance policies provide coverage for fire, including but not limited to wildfire. Property insurance is not a mandatory product, unlike basic automobile insurance. This means each insurance company establishes its own property insurance policy wording, coverage limits, and price. Call your insurance company, agent or broker to assist you.

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Vehicle Insurance

Damage to vehicles from fire is usually covered under an automobile insurance policy if you have purchased comprehensive or all perils coverage. This coverage is not mandatory. Check your policy or contact your insurance provider.

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The Alberta government expects property insurers to honour their contractual obligations.

Click here for information published by the Insurance Bureau of Canada for consumers impacted by the fire.

If you have questions, you can contact Insurance Bureau of Canada's Consumer Information Centre:

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Claim disputes

If you disagree with the resolution of a claim, you can contact someone in your insurer’s claims management area to discuss your concerns.

Insurance companies also have an internal ombudsperson you can contact. If possible, have your details and policy papers ready before you call.

You may wish to contact the General Insurance OmbudService (GIO) if you have not reached a resolution. The GIO’s toll free number is 1-877-225-0446. Click here for the GIO website.

You may also wish to seek legal counsel.

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Links to Resource information from Insurance Bureau of Canada

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For emergency updates

Please refer to the Alberta Wildfire Emergency Update website at http://www.alberta.ca/emergency.cfm.

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Page last updated:  January 18, 2017