Government and Ministry Annual Reports

2015-16 Annual Reports released June 29, 2016

Annual Reports are available below. Links are also provided to archives of previous reports (and, in some cases, supplementary information), and contact information. The annual reports are in PDF format, which can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

2015-16 Government of Alberta Annual Report

The 2015-16 Government of Alberta Annual Report is the report to Albertans on Budget 2015 (October). It is a permanent public record of the dollars spent and the results achieved by the Government of Alberta for the 2015-16 fiscal year. The Government of Alberta Annual Report includes an Executive Summary with key fiscal information, the Consolidated Financial Statements and Measuring Up, a report on performance results.

2015-16 Ministry Annual Reports

Ministry Annual Reports provide detailed information on performance and financial results for the 2015-16 fiscal year, related to their business plans, published with Budget 2015 (October).

See below for 2015-16 annual reports in PDF format, or access past annual reports using the archive link. If you have questions, please see the contact link for that ministry.

Note:  this is the structure of government as of June 29, 2016. Previous ministry names are listed under their new ministry.

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