Ministry Business Plans

2015-20 Business Plans released March 26, 2015

The government and ministry business plans are published annually with the provincial budget.  Please visit the Budget website for more information.

The business plans are in PDF format, which can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

Government of Alberta 10 Year Strategic Plan

10 Year Strategic Plan - Putting Things Right: A Responsible, Strategic Plan to Secure Alberta's Future (pdf, 36 pages)

2015-20 Ministry Business Plans

See below for 2015-20 business plans, or click here to access past business plans.

Complete 2015-20 Ministry Business Plans Volume (pdf, 2 MB)

Ministry Business Plan Contacts and Reader's Guide

Aboriginal Relations 2015-20 Business Plan

Agriculture and Rural Development 2015-20 Business Plan

Culture and Tourism 2015-20 Business Plan

Education 2015-20 Business Plan

Energy 2015-20 Business Plan

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development 2015-20 Business Plan

Executive Council 2015-20 Business Plan

Health 2015-20 Business Plan

Human Services 2015-20 Business Plan

Infrastructure 2015-20 Business Plan

Innovation and Advanced Education 2015-20 Business Plan

International and Intergovernmental Relations 2015-20 Business Plan

Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour 2015-20 Business Plan

Justice and Solicitor General 2015-20 Business Plan

Municipal Affairs 2015-20 Business Plan

Seniors 2015-20 Business Plan

Service Alberta 2015-20 Business Plan

Transportation 2015-20 Business Plan

Treasury Board and Finance 2015-20 Business Plan

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Previous Government and Ministry Business Plans by Fiscal Year

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