Private Sector Pensions - Pensions Legislation and Updates

Pension Legislation and Regulations

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Please note: Legislation and Regulations are stored on the Queen's Printer (QP) website - see their copyright/disclaimer. Regulations are consolidated up to the most recent amendment as soon as possible. The most recent amendment regulation which has been consolidated is noted at the top of the regulation.

Legislation and Regulation which applies to Private Sector Pension Plans

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Employment Pension Plans Act (EPPA) Updates issued from 2012 to present

Documents produced by Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Employment Pensions, related to EPPA legislation. These are pdf files and will open in a new window. Dates are in mm/dd/yy format.

EPPA Updates issued in 2016

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EPPA Updates issued in 2015

  • 15-01 - Extension of Amendment Filing Deadline (05/21/15)
    British Columbia’s Pension Benefits Standards Act and Regulation have been proclaimed effective September 30, 2015  with amendments due by December 31, 2015.  In recognition of Alberta and British Columbia having a highly harmonized pension regulatory environment, the Superintendent of Pensions has extended the deadline for filing amendments with respect to the Employment Pension Plans Act and Regulation to December 31, 2015. Similarly, the deadline for having a funding policy (benefit formula provisions), a participation agreement (non-collectively bargained multi-employer plans) and a governance policy in place is also extended to December 31, 2015.

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EPPA Updates issued in 2014

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EPPA Updates issued in 2013

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EPPA Updates issued in 2012

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Page last updated:  December 20, 2016