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Tax and Revenue Administration
Cross-Program Information
Special Notice Vol. 8 No. 6

Released: June 22, 2016
Produced by: Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration
For more information: tra.revenue@gov.ab.ca

Vol. 8 No. 6 / June 2016


This special notice sets out the procedures to follow if a strike or other disruption of postal services occurs.

  1. If there is a total mail service disruption and the emergency mail service plan is invoked by the Minister of Service Alberta, Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) has special measures in place for handling mail to minimize inconvenience to levy payers, corporate and commodity taxpayers, and claimants and unclaimed property holders.

Ensure sufficient delivery time

  1. Always allow sufficient time for delivery of payments and returns on, or before, the due date.

    • If a mail disruption occurs, it continues to be your responsibility to ensure all filing and payment requirements under the applicable legislation are met within the legislated timeframes.
    • You will be liable for all applicable penalties and interest if documents are not received on time by TRA, even those that are late as a result of the disruption.

Returns, Notices of Objection, Unclaimed Property Reports and Other Correspondence

  1. Corporate and commodity tax returns, notices of objection and other correspondence may be

    • hand-delivered or couriered at the sender's own expense to
  2. Tax and Revenue Administration
    Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
    9811 - 109 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2L5

    NOTE: TRA will not accept COD delivery of documents.

    • faxed to 780-427-0348.

    • Entered on TRACS for available programs (Corporate Income Tax, IFTA, Tourism Levy, etc...)
  1. In the event of a mail disruption, TRA will provide further information about obtaining refund or rebate cheques.

Payment of Corporate or Commodity Taxes or Penalties

  1. Financial institutions or their internet services: payments can be made at financial institutions, if you have an original Remittance Advice form. However, you are encouraged to make your payment electronically through your financial institution's internet payment services.

  2. Hand-delivery or courier: funds may be hand-delivered or couriered at the sender's expense to the address noted in paragraph 3 above.

  3. Debit card: payment can be made using debit card at TRA's Edmonton Office:

    Tax and Revenue Administration
    Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
    9811-109 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2L5

  4. To pay by credit card you may be able to use a third-party service provider. These providers will charge you a fee for their service. The following third-party service provider offers this service to Alberta Taxpayers.

    Plastiq Inc.

Extended interruption of mail service

  1. Information updates will be provided on the Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration website.

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