Banking & Payment Security

Each month, the Alberta government issues 520,000 payments and collects over 65,000 payments from Albertans.

Whether it is issuing or collecting payments, the Alberta government works to ensure payments are secure – to protect Albertans, financial institutions and the government.

Ensuring payment security includes measures like:

  • Providing guidelines and information to financial institutions so they know payments issued by the government are genuine.
  • Taking measures to defeat fraudulent or unauthorized payment of taxpayers' money.
  • Clarifying government policies on a variety of payment-related topics. 
  • Protecting Albertans’ debit and credit card data.
  • Providing a process to help Albertans cash a benefit cheque – even if they don’t have a bank account.
  • Providing financial protection to financial institutions that are victimized by fraud when they cash certain benefit cheques issued by the Government of Alberta.

What is a ‘payment’?

Payments made to the Government of Alberta include cheques, cash, money orders, bank drafts, credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers and electronic funds transfers (EFT).

Payments issued by the Government of Alberta include cheque, direct deposit, wire payments, and bank drafts in foreign currencies, etc.

All payments to and from the Government of Alberta are processed by Treasury Board and Finance.

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Page last updated:  August 30, 2018