Payments by Cheque to the Government of Alberta

Effective June 15, 2012, citizens and corporations who
are making payments by cheque to the provincial government
should address them to Government of Alberta.

Why is the government now asking people to address their cheques to Government of Alberta?

Traditionally, corporations and citizens making payments to the Government of Alberta were instructed to make them payable to Minister of Finance. This practice is outdated and has caused confusion:

  • The minister’s title has changed several times over the years.
  • There are multiple jurisdictions in Canada with a Minister of Finance.
  • Sometimes it is not clear which jurisdiction the payment is intended for.

What if I recently made a payment to the province, but
made it out to Minister of Finance?

Your payment will still go through.

The Government of Alberta will grandfather the use of the existing payees. These include:

  • Minister of Finance
  • Minister of Finance and Enterprise
  • Minister of Treasury Board and Finance
  • Provincial Treasurer

Is this a permanent change?

Yes. Government has no reason to expect the use of Government of Alberta will ever change.

Over time, the practice of identifying Government of Alberta as the correct payee for all payments to the province will become ingrained for government departments, financial institutions, corporations and citizens alike.

Are there any exceptions?

People should not make cheques out to individual departments or ministries, unless they are directed to do so by that ministry or department.

How do I make payments to Alberta Tax and Revenue Administration?

Click here for information on how to make payments for Alberta tax programs.

For all other banking enquiries not relating to tax payments, please email:

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Page last updated:  August 12, 2015