Protecting your credit card information - PCI Compliance Initiative

Paying speeding tickets, reserving a campsite, ordering a publication – these are just a few reasons why thousands of Albertans make payments to the province each year. Increasingly, those payments are made using credit or debit cards. The volume of card payments made to the province has roughly tripled since 2014, with 6.5 million transactions processed in 2016 (includes credit and debit card transactions).

As a merchant, the government has a duty to protect its clients’ information. As a government, we have a duty to set an example for other organizations.

That’s why the province has implemented the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard, a set of tough security rules developed by the credit card industry to protect cardholders against credit card fraud and identity theft.

What does it mean to you?

Becoming PCI compliant means many government offices have changed how they handle credit and debit card payments.
The Alberta government started phasing out the direct collection of credit card numbers in June 2013, turning that task over to TD Merchant Solutions.

In many cases, the order process is similar, except when it comes time to provide your credit card number.

Ministries continue to process orders received by mail, phone, fax or email, although some ministries may no longer offer all of these options. During the checkout process, clients using any of these methods and paying by credit card will be:

  • referred to a secure automated telephone payment system,
  • referred to a secure pay page powered by TD Merchant Solutions, or
  • sent an email containing a link to a pay page.

Where available, clients can also pay in person. Card payment options may vary from Ministry to Ministry.

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Page last updated:  May 17, 2017