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Automobile Insurance

  • The Automobile Insurance page includes Automobile Insurance Policies, Certificates and Application Forms; Endorsements; information on Automobile Insurance Complaints; and Automobile Accident Benefit Claim and Prescribed Forms.

Automobile Collision - What to do

Company Lists - Insurers, Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges, and Fraternal Societies

Consumer Complaints

Floods - Insurance Information for Albertans

  • See the Floods and Insurance page for tips on what to do before and after a flood, overland flooding, vehicle damage, claims, resources from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, the Disaster Recovery Program and more.

Property Insurance

  • See the Property Insurance page for 5 things homeowners should know, and other related links.

Transportation Network Companies providing Ride-for-Hire Services -
Insurance Information for Albertans

Wildfires - Insurance Information for Albertans

Voluntary Sector Information

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Page last updated:  August 28, 2018