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This page contains forms provided by the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance, the Federal Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, and the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators. See the links to your right for the different categories of forms. 

Accident Benefit Claim and Minor Injury Prescribed Forms and related Documents

Please note: the prescribed Accident Benefit and Minor Injury forms were updated as of May 2017. See related Superintendent of Insurance Bulletin 01-2017.

Notice from the Superintendent of Insurance regarding recreating these forms

Users may recreate these approved forms in order to ensure compatibility with their own software system. Section 803 of the Insurance Act (Act) provides the Superintendent of Insurance (Superintendent) the power to establish relevant forms. The position of the Superintendent is that the AB and MI forms’ format (i.e. size and colour of answer boxes, etc.) may be altered for compatibility with practitioners’ software, but any changes to the content of the forms (i.e. word order, phrasing, question order, etc.) or the addition of corporate logos is not allowed. Moreover, making content changes constitutes a breach of sections 507 and 551 of the Act and is an offence under section 780.

Users are responsible for updating their systems to remain current with any approved changes to forms in the future. If you wish to be notified of any future changes, please subscribe here. For technical support please email For all other inquiries, please contact

These documents are available on the following pages. The set provided differs slightly, depending on the audience. Please choose the appropriate link:

Standard Automobile Insurance Policies, Certificates and Application Forms
- Intended for Consumers and Insurers

These documents are available on the Automobile Insurance page:

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Life Insurance Forms for Consumers and Insurers

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Forms for Insurers, Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges and Exempt Entities

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Forms for Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges Only

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Forms for Unlicensed Insurance

For more information, see related web page regarding Unlicensed Insurance.

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