Information for Insurers - Legislation, Publications and Forms

This page contains legislation, publications and forms that apply to insurers. See also: Filing Requirements, OSFI Guidelines Adopted and Issued by Alberta, CCIR Documents and Continuing Education information.

Insurance Act and Regulations

Insurance Act

Insurance Regulations (Alphabetical Order)

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Ministerial Orders under the Insurance Act for Insurers

Ministerial Orders and Directives:

Ministerial Cease and Desist Orders under s.764 of Alberta Insurance Act, R.S.A. 2000, c.1-3:

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Alberta Standard Automobile Insurance Policies, Certificates,
Application Forms, and Endorsements

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Automobile Insurance - Accident Benefit Claim and Minor Injury Prescribed Forms
and related Documents (for Insurers)

Please note: the prescribed Accident Benefit and Minor Injury forms have been updated as of May 2017. See related Superintendent of Insurance Bulletin 01-2017.

Notice from the Superintendent of Insurance regarding recreating these forms

Users may recreate these approved forms in order to ensure compatibility with their own software system. Section 803 of the Insurance Act (Act) provides the Superintendent of Insurance (Superintendent) the power to establish relevant forms. The position of the Superintendent is that the AB and MI forms’ format (i.e. size and colour of answer boxes, etc.) may be altered for compatibility with practitioners’ software, but any changes to the content of the forms (i.e. word order, phrasing, question order, etc.) or the addition of corporate logos is not allowed. Moreover, making content changes constitutes a breach of sections 507 and 551 of the Act and is an offence under section 780.

Users are responsible for updating their systems to remain current with any approved changes to forms in the future. If you wish to be notified of any future changes, please subscribe here. For technical support please email For all other inquiries, please email

Accident Benefit Claim - Prescribed Form

This pdf form is fillable and saveable. If you have problems opening the form, please see the instructions to your right.

Minor Injury - Amount effective January 1, 2019

Minor Injury - Prescribed Forms

These pdf forms are fillable and saveable. If you have problems opening the forms, please see these instructions.

Minor Injury - Certified Examiner Register

Injury Management Consultant Registers - Diagnostic and Treatment Protocols Regulation

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Other Forms for Insurance Companies

See the Insurance Forms page - Forms for Insurers, Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges and Exempt Entities.

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Information about Insurance Companies

See the Lists - Insurers, Reciprocal Insurance Exchanges, and Fraternal Societies page for entities licensed and no longer licensed in Alberta.

See the Financial Data for Alberta Incorporated Insurance Companies page for financial information, which is updated quarterly.

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Automobile Insurance Rating Factors Framework

The Automobile Insurance Rating Factors Framework is available below. This document is used by the Superintendent of Insurance to inform decisions on what automobile insurance rating factors to allow for use in Alberta, and is intended to promote openness and transparency in the decision making process.

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Superintendent of Insurance Bulletins and Notices in Effect (for Insurers)

Bulletin No. and Title (pdf)

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ARCHIVED Superintendent of Insurance Bulletins and Notices (for Insurers)

These are provided for information only as they are no longer in effect.

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Page last updated:  December 14, 2018