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About the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance

The office of the Alberta Superintendent of Insurance (ASI) of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance regulates, in part, the insurance business in Alberta under the Insurance Act.

To contact the Superintendent on insurance matters, please see our contact information.

ASI monitors the solvency of provincially incorporated insurance companies. ASI also licenses insurance companies, and monitors the regulation of insurance agents and adjusters, which is handled by the Alberta Insurance Council.

ASI maintains a list of all insurance companies operating in Alberta, which includes their head office information, Attorney for Service, and classes of insurance covered.  It also includes companies that have withdrawn, amalgamated or changed names.  Licences are issued on a calendar year basis (January 1 to December 31).  Consumers can use this list to verify if their insurance company is licensed.

This website includes financial data for Alberta Incorporated Insurance Companies. This financial data includes the Assets, Liabilities and Equity, Statement of Income, Statement of Retained Earnings, Comprehensive Income (Loss) and Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income (Loss) and the Minimum Capital Test or Minimum Continuing Capital Surplus Ratio as provided to the Superintendant of Insurance by the Insurer.

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See Insurance links for information on the Alberta Insurance Council and insurance associations.

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Page last updated:  August 28, 2018