About Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA)

Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA), a division of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, is responsible for tax and revenue collection and administration.

Note:  if you have questions about your own personal income taxes, or you are mailing a personal income tax return, please contact the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or visit CRA’s “Get Ready” site.

TRA Contact Information

To contact TRA related to any of the programs below, see Tax and Revenue Administration's contact information.

TRA Responsibilities and Functions

Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) has four branches: Audit; Revenue Operations; Strategic and Client Services and Tax Services. TRA administers the following:

To assist our clients to comply with legislation, this site incorporates many public TRA documents explaining the legislation and providing specific compliance information. Every effort has been made to ensure the contents of the publications found on this site are accurate. However, if any discrepancy should occur between the publications and governing legislation, the legislation takes precedence.

For more information, see Information Circular TRA-1, An Introduction to Tax and Revenue Administration.

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Tax and Revenue Administration Fairness and Service Pledge

To guide our interactions, TRA prepared a Fairness and Service Pledge. The Pledge sets out the way we will conduct ourselves when dealing with you and, in turn, clarifies your obligations. See more information about TRA's Fairness and Service Pledge.

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TRA Indicators

TRA Indicators are available here.

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Page last updated:  February 5, 2018