Tax & Revenue Administration - Sales Taxes
for Businesses Entering Other Provinces

Sales Taxes which may Apply to Your Business

Does your business sell products, deliver sold goods, or provide services in other provinces?  If so, you may be liable for sales taxes charged by those provinces on those goods or services, and on any equipment you bring into those provinces for use in your business.

Rules in British Columbia and Saskatchewan

For information on the relevant sales tax rules in British Columbia, go to:

For information on the relevant sales tax rules in Saskatchewan, go to:

  • Saskatchewan Provincial Sales Tax web page - click on Common Questions about Provincial Sales Tax, then scroll down to:
    • I am a non-resident vendor making sales into the Province. Do I have to collect tax on my sales?; and
    • I am a non-resident contractor that is considering bidding a job in the Province. How does PST apply?

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Page last updated:  October 4, 2017