Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA)

Fairness and Service Pledge to guide stakeholder-TRA interaction

Alberta Treasury Board and Finance provides corporate financial services and manages the province’s financial affairs and policies in the interests of Albertans.

We do this through living the Alberta Public Service values:

  • Respect – we foster an environment in which each individual is valued and heard.
  • Accountability – we are responsible for our actions and for contributing to the effectiveness of the public service.
  • Integrity – we behave ethically and are open, honest and fair.
  • Excellence – we use innovation and continuous improvement to achieve excellence.

We believe that while taxpayers have obligations, they should be treated fairly and have the information and other services they need to meet their tax obligations. To guide our interactions, we drafted a Fairness and Service Pledge and asked our stakeholders for input. The Pledge sets out the way we will conduct ourselves when dealing with you and, in turn, clarifies your obligations.

Click here for TRA's Fairness and Service Pledge.

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Page last updated:  February 5, 2018