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Corporate Income Tax FAQs - General

Please note:  Net File for Alberta Corporate Income Tax
Effective July 2011, Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) offers Alberta corporate income tax filers the option of filing returns in electronic format. See Corporate Income Tax - Net File and Frequently Asked Questions.

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Who has to file an Alberta corporate income tax return?

Generally, a corporation must file an Alberta corporate income tax return (AT1) for each taxation year during which it has a permanent establishment in Alberta. Paragraphs 4 to 6 of Information Circular CT-2, Filing Requirements, provide more information about “permanent establishments”.

Some corporations are exempt from filing an Alberta return if certain conditions are met. For more information, see Information Circular CT-2, Filing Requirements, paragraphs 2 and 3.

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What does a complete Alberta corporate income tax return include?

A complete Alberta corporate income tax return consists of either an:

There is no requirement for a corporation to file a copy of its federal T-2 return package and its financial statements or General Index of Financial Information (GIFI) with Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA).

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What happens if I submit an incomplete Alberta corporate income tax return?

If the AT1 you submit to TRA is not complete, you will be asked to provide the missing documents or information. Refund interest the corporation may be entitled to will not start until the required information is received by TRA.

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How can I obtain a copy of the Alberta corporate income tax return?

Copies of the return and schedules are also available on our Corporate Tax Forms page.

You may also request a return by email at:

To request a paper copy of the return, call Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA).

  • In the Edmonton calling area, call 780-427-3044 to reach TRA.
  • If you are an Alberta caller outside the Edmonton calling area, call toll-free:  dial 310-0000, then enter 780-427-3044.
  • If you are located outside Alberta, call 780-427-3044 to reach TRA; long-distance telephone charges will apply.

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When am I required to file an Alberta corporate income tax return?

TRA must receive a complete AT1 return within six months from the end of a corporation's taxation year (the required filing date). You may send the return by mail, fax, courier or hand deliver it to TRA.

Your corporation's return will be considered filed on the date it is received by TRA. However, a late filing penalty will not be charged if:

  • your mailed return is received within five working days after the required filing date, or
  • your couriered return is received within one working day of the required filing date.

A faxed or personally-delivered return received after the required filing date will be considered late and a penalty will be charged.

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When are tax payments due?

Generally, all corporations are required to make equal monthly instalments on Alberta tax, with any remaining balance due by the end of the second month after the corporation's tax year-end (the balance-due date).

A Canadian-controlled private corporation is exempt from paying installments and may defer payment of its taxes until the third month following the corporation's tax year-end if it meets certain conditions. For a complete list of the conditions and other related instalment rules please see Information Circular CT-2, Filing Requirements.

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How do I pay my Alberta corporate taxes?

Your Alberta corporate taxes may be paid:

  • at most financial institutions in Canada, if the payment is accompanied by an original Remittance Advice;

  • by cheque or money order payable to the Government of Alberta delivered by mail, courier or in person, between the hours of 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, except government holidays, to:

    Tax and Revenue Administration
    Alberta Treasury Board and Finance
    9811 - 109 Street
    Edmonton, AB  T5K 2L5

  • by wire transfer; or

  • using the internet payment services provided by major financial institutions in Canada or TelPay for Business.

Please note: There is no process to transfer payments of Alberta corporate taxes made to Canada Revenue Agency in error.

For further information about payment of corporate taxes, refer to Information Circular CT-3, Alberta Corporate Tax Instalments.

For more detailed information relating to Alberta corporate taxes, see the CT series of information circulars.

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Page last updated: February 5, 2018