Lloydminster Competitive Adjustment Grant - Terms and Conditions

Acceptance, as evidenced by an approval letter sent to the Applicant, of a Lloydminster Competitive Adjustment Grant Registration (Form AT5400) in respect of the above grant program (the Program) constitutes a grant agreement entered into by the Applicant with the Government of Alberta, through the Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) Division of the Department of Treasury Board and Finance, on the following terms and conditions:

  1. Modification or Termination - TRA may, upon written notice to the Applicant, immediately modify any aspect of the Program, including but not limited to the eligibility criteria, payment processes, or any of these terms and conditions, or may terminate (i) the Program, or (ii) the Applicant's participation in the Program. The Applicant may, upon written notice to TRA, immediately withdraw from the Program.

  2. Incorrect Information - If the Applicant makes any misrepresentation, or provides any false or incorrect information, in respect of the Program, or if the Applicant is otherwise paid an amount to which the Applicant is not entitled to receive under the Program, all amounts paid to the Applicant that were not properly payable under the Program are repayable on demand as a debt due to the Government of Alberta.

  3. Set-off of Amounts Payable by Applicant - TRA may, upon written notice to the Applicant, set off against any amount payable to the Applicant under the Program any amount that is payable to the Government of Alberta, whether related or unrelated to the Program.

  4. Inspection and Audit - TRA or any representative or auditor on its behalf may, at any reasonable time, attend upon the premises of the Applicant to inspect and audit the accuracy of the information provided by the Applicant in respect of the Program or its participation in the Program, or may require the Applicant to provide copies of such information. The Applicant must retain for three years from the date an amount is paid under the Program complete and accurate records, including financial records, supporting the information provided in respect of the Program and its participation in the Program.

  5. Interest - All amounts repayable by the Applicant in accordance with these terms and conditions shall be subject to simple interest calculated from the time the amount was first paid to the Applicant until the date on which the amount is repaid to the Government of Alberta at the rate prescribed for the purposes of section 39 of the Alberta Corporate Tax Act.

  6. Determination of Eligibility and Entitlement - TRA has the absolute discretion to determine the eligibility of the Applicant to participate in the Program and to determine the entitlement of the Applicant to any payment under the Program. The determination of TRA is final.

  7. Disclosure of Information - TRA may publicly disclose the following information in respect of the Applicant: the name of the Applicant, the amounts paid to the Applicant under the Program, and the dates the amounts were paid to the Applicant.

To be eligible to make a claim for the Grant, registration under the Grant program is required.

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Page last updated:  February 5, 2018