2017-18 Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA) Indicators

Tax and Revenue Administration (TRA), a division of Alberta Treasury Board and Finance, is responsible for the administration of Alberta’s tax, levy, and revenue programs. See below for TRA's indicators for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

TRA Indicators Index

Programs Administered by Tax and Revenue Administration

For more information on programs administered, see TRA's Program Index.

Programs Administered
On behalf of Entities (includes other
Government of Alberta departments and Agencies)



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Enquiry Responses

TRA Responses to Telephone Enquiries
TRA Written Responses



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TRA Website Statistics

TRA's Top 7 Visited Web Pages
Number of Unique Pageviews
  1. TRA Home Page
  2. Making Payments
  3. Corporate Income Tax Overview
  4. Current and Historic Alberta Tax Rates
  5. Corporate Income Tax Forms Index
  6. Carbon Levy FAQs
  7. Corporate Income Tax FAQs


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TRA Video Statistics

TRA provides videos to assist in the delivery of our services. Visit our YourAlberta video library to see the complete listing of informational videos available.

Number of TRA Videos (as of March 31, 2018)
Number of Video Views



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Page last updated:  July 10, 2018